The Undergraduate Student Government Appropriations Committee is responsible for deciding who gets funding and what they get funding for. If your club/organization has not been awarded funding yet, please refer

to the USG Funding webpage.

Once your club/organization has been awarded funding, the next step is to spend it. Here you can find detailed information on how to spend your awarded funds.


The last day to submit a Purchase Request in SunDevilSync to spend your awarded Fall funds is December 4th, 2020

Your awarded funds can only be spent on the items included in your approved budget
request. For example, if you were awarded $75 for fliers and $125 for pens, those amounts are the most you will be able to spend. You will not be able to spend $150 on fliers even if you only spent $50 on pens. You are allowed to make slight variations in the product such as pencils instead of pens, but not t-shirts or frisbees. If you wish to make changes to your approved budget request, you will need to reach out to the
Appropriations Committee – the person who approved your budget request.

There are three ways to spend your awarded funds


Process a Reimbursement

Select if an ASU student/affiliate or club/organization already made payment and is seeking to be reimbursed for the expense. This includes:


  • All subscription purchases

  • All purchases from Amazon

Pay by P-Card

Select if your club/organization would like to use the USG Business Office purchasing card.

This can be done for:

  • An in-store purchase

  • An online purchase​

Pay an Invoice

Select if your club/organization obtained an invoice from a vendor or service provider. This includes:

  • All apparel purchases

  • All requests to pay a service provider

  • All gift card purchases

  • All purchases from Aramark and ASU Print and Imaging Lab

  • All purchases from vendors who charge a credit card fee

Purchase Request Rules


Be sure your budget request has been approved.

  • If your budget request is not approved by the time the USG Business Office reviews your purchase request, it will be canceled.

  • You will be asked to resubmit a purchase request after your budget request is approved.


Be sure to separate your purchase requests by vendor/payee.

  • If multiple vendors/payees are listed on one purchase request, it will be canceled.

  • You will be asked to resubmit your purchase requests separately.


Be sure your purchase request is submitted by a top three officer of your student club/organization listed
on your SunDevilSync profile.

  • If your purchase request is submitted by a different individual, it will be denied.

  • Plan accordingly and keep your profile updated.

  • Contact the Office of Student Organizations and Leadership at tempeclubs@asu.edu if you need help updating your SunDevilSync Profile.


Be sure you submit a purchase request before the last day to use your funds.

Public Purpose


In order to fulfill ASU’s fiduciary requirements and to make the ASU disbursement process as efficient as
possible with each disbursement request, Financial Services requires clear documentation of the public
purpose served to ASU by an expenditure.


**This is very important! If not written well, the USG Business Office will ask you to rewrite it.**


Below is a link to help guide you in writing your public purpose.

All Food Purchases must have a Business Meals Form completed and signed by


  • The requestor if Pay by P-Card or Pay an Invoice

  • The payee if Process a Reimbursement


The BMF can be found at https://www.asu.edu/fs/forms/business-meals-form.pdf


Below is a link to help guide you in filling it out.

Tipping Guidelines

  • Tips must not exceed 18% for dining-in/sit-down meals at restaurants

  • Tips must not exceed 10% for delivery orders

  • Tips are not allowed for takeout/pickup/carryout orders

All Apparel Purchases must be from an Approved Apparel Vendor


​If a club/organization desires to print any of the ASU logos on their apparel, they are required to get it
approved by the ASU Trademark and Licensing department.

Contact: Barry Hoffman or Amanda Moffatt
Tel: 480.831.1544
210 W. Vaughn Street, Tempe, AZ 85283


 or designashirt.com 
Contact: Amber Bouwhuis or Jessie Essenburg
Tel: 480.731.3144
905 N. Scottsdale Road, Tempe, AZ 85281



Alec Ploof or Catherine Lovato


Tel: 480.443.8433
14201 N Hayden Rd, Ste A2, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

It is University policy to have ASU pay a Service Provider directly


All service provider purchases must be processed as PAY AN INVOICE. Be in contact with the USG
Business Office well in advance of your event (ideally 30 days before your event date) so that your
vendor can be paid promptly for their rendered services.

Contact Information

If further direction is needed, please contact the USG Business Office.


  • Phone Number: (480) 965-3161

  • Email: usg@asu.edu

  • Slack: #usgbusinessoffice

  • Location: 2nd Floor of the Student Pavilion (225C)

  • Hours Open: Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. Closed on University recognized holidays


Visit the Tempe Undergraduate Student Government staff on the second floor of the Student Pavilion. 

Student Pavilion (STPV)

400 E Orange Street

Tempe, AZ 85287

Can't make it into the office? Send us a message using the form below.