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Welcome to the Arizona State University, Undergraduate Student Government Tempe (USGT) Spending Guidelines page!


The USGT Appropriations Committee is responsible for deciding who gets funding and what they get funding for. If your student organization has not been awarded funding yet, please refer to the USG Funding webpage. Once awarded funding, the next step is to spend it. Please note that payment cannot be processed until after services are rendered and/or goods are received.

Spring 2023 PURCHASE REQUEST has closed.
Fall 2023 Purchase Request is now open!

Last day to submit and spend awarded funds: Fall Semester: November 9th, 2023
Spring Semester: April 12th, 2024


Your awarded funds can only be spent on the items included in your approved budget request at the amounts requested. For example, if you were awarded $75 for fliers and $125 for pens, those amounts are the most you will be able to spend. You will not be able to spend $150 on fliers even if you only spent $50 on pens. You are allowed to make slight variations in the product such as pencils instead of pens, but not t-shirts or frisbees.


REQUEST FOR FOOD | 10 business days before event

REQUEST FOR SPEAKER, ARTIST OR PERFORMER | 14 business days before event (WITH signed SAP agreement)

REQUEST FOR SERVICES (RENTALS, SET-UPS, LIGHTING, ETC) | 10 business days before event


In order to fulfill ASU’s fiduciary requirements and to make the ASU disbursement process as efficient as possible with each disbursement request, Financial Services requires clear documentation of the public purpose served to ASU by an expenditure.


This is very important! If not written well, the USGT Business Office will ask you to rewrite it which can delay processing your request.

How To Write A Public Purpose




Below are a few types of purchases and vendors where there are specific rules and guidelines that must be followed. Please review before making any purchases and/or submitting your purchase request. If you want to double-check if the purchase you want to make is acceptable, please reach out to the USGT Business Office.

Please be aware of the updated approved food and beverage approval process.

Starting January 18th, 2023 it is mandatory the flyer/advertisement used to promote an event be attached to all purchase requests. Failure to do so may result in a denied purchase request.

    Pay an invoice:

-Contact the vendor and place your order, let they know ASU USG will be paying for it.

-Once you have an Order Approval or Invoice, create a purchase request.

-The USGT Business Office will contact the vendor directly about payment.

-Finish your order with the vendor by directly reaching out to ensure the process is complete.

-The vendor will email the final invoice to the USGT Business Office.

-Once payments are made, your purchase request will be approved.

- The USG-T business office is unable to remit payment for invoices made out to anyone other than "Arizona State University". When requesting an invoice/quote be sure the 'bill to' information is ASU or Arizona State University 

Process a Reimbursement:

-Contact the vendor and place your order once your budget is approved.

-Finalize your order details and make payment. 

-Once you have a receipt, ensure it is itemized, shows the vendor information, payment information, and proof of payment.

-Create purchase request.

-The USGT Business Office will process the reimbursement and contact you if further information is required. 

-The purchase request will be approved once the reimbursement is approved. 

-A check will arrive within three weeks. 


Pay by P-Card

Contact the USGT Business Office 

  • Phone Number: (480) 965-9843

  • Email:

  • Location: 2nd Floor of the Student Pavilion (225C)

  • Hours Open: Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. Closed on University recognized holidays

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