The Undergraduate Student Government Appropriations Committee is responsible for deciding who gets funding and what they get funding for. Once you or your organization has been approved by USG to receive funding, the next step is to contact the ASASU Business Office on the 2nd Floor of the Student Pavilion (225C) to figure out how you're able to spend your appropriated funds.


To recap: once you are allocated funding from USG, you must work with the ASASU Business Office to make purchases.


You must consult the Business Office prior to purchasing anything. Many times your expenses can be paid directly – avoiding a time consuming reimbursement. The ASASU Business Office is located in Student Pavilion 225C. The Business Office can be reached at 480-965-3161.  Please note that the office is open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. 


You are expected to spend your appropriated funds on the items included in your application. For example, if you were allocated $75 for fliers and $125 for pens those amounts are the most you will be able to spend from your appropriated funds; you will not be allowed to spend $150 on the fliers even if you only spent $50 on pens. You may use another vendor, i.e. Lang Printing instead of Alpha Graphics, but would need to be buying a similar product. You are allowed to make slight variations in the product such as pencils instead of pens but not t-shirts or Frisbees as long as it is still under the total amount appropriated.


“Club and organization accounts will not be reimbursed for cash purchases. All purchases must be made on a credit or debit card.  Valid payment methods should be discussed with the ASASU (USGT or GPSA) Business Office prior to making a purchase.


Individuals may be reimbursed for cash purchases; for amounts over $100, reimbursements will be granted only if the individual can provide proof of both the source of the funds (i.e. a withdraw receipt from your bank or ATM) AND the original receipt or proof of payment.”


Tips should be between 15% and 18%, but no more than 18% and this guideline is generally intended for "sit-down" restaurants where you are being served!

  • Tips are not to exceed 18% for dining-in/sit-down meals at restaurants. This policy is applicable when using the P Card and for requests for reimbursement.

  • For delivery orders, the tip is not to exceed 10%. This policy is applicable when using the P Card and for requests for reimbursement.

  • No tips will be allowed on the P Card or reimbursed to individuals/clubs/organizations for takeout/pickup/carryout orders.

  • Reimbursement to ASU will be required if you over-tip when using the P Card.



The following vendors work best with the business office and are highly recommended but not required to use:



Contact: Mike Wolf 

1505 E. Webber Dr. Suite 110

Tempe, AZ 85281

Tel: 480.446.8300  Fax: 480.446.8305



5005 South Ash Ave. #4

Tempe, AZ 85282

Tel: 480.247.8174  Fax: 480.626.2949

Email: contact@3monkeyspad.com



Contact: Alan Geed, MAS

1830 E. Elliot Rd. #102 

Tempe, AZ 85284

Tel: 480.820.7676  Fax: 480.820.6610

Email: alene@spartanaz.com 



28637 N. Sunset Dr. 

Queen Creek, AZ 85143

Tel: 480.246.5582 Fax: 480.347.0916

Email: info@epicmediaprint.com 


All apparel purchases that are funded by USG must go through one of the approved vendors.  If a club/organization desires to print any of the ASU logos on their apparel, they are required to get it approved by the ASU Trademark and Licensing department unless otherwise stated on the ASU Trademark and Licensing website.  If you have questions, please visit the ASU Trademark and Licensing website (https://cfo.asu.edu/student-organizations) or contact them directly at sundevillicensing@asu.edu or call 480-727-7848.

Contact: Barry Hoffman or Amanda Moffatt
Tel: 480.831.1544
210 W. Vaughn Street, Tempe, AZ 85283


 or designashirt.com 
Contact: Sarah Riggins or John Anton 
Tel: 480.731.3144
905 N. Scottsdale Road, Tempe, AZ 85281


Contact: Tim Dwyer or Ashaell Sirrine or Laura Burdett 
Tel: 480.443.8433
8220 E. Gelding Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85260


When you are inviting a service provider to Arizona State University please remember that it is University policy that ASU must pay the provider directly. Reimbursement to a club or an individual who has already paid a service provider is forbidden.

Examples of types of service providers are: DJs, Performers/Entertainers and Keynote Speakers. 

When paying service provider the following documents are required (Sample Forms Attached):

  1. Request for Funds Form (RFF): Filled out by a club member 

  2. ASU Substitute W-9: filled out by a service provider

  3. Department Professional Service Order (DPSO): Page one is filled out by the service provider and on page two, the club member should answer questions 1-3 and SKIP section FOUR and SIGN section FIVE

  4. Independent Contractor Checklist: Filled out by service provider

Bring all completed forms to the ASASU Business Office as soon as possible once the service provider has agreed to preform services. Paperwork can be submitted before or after service has been provided however the service provider will only be paid after completion of the service.  Turning the paperwork in early will help get the service provider paid more swiftly after their services have been rendered, but will never allow them to be paid in advance. 


It is imperative that all items in the packet get turned in together to ensure there is no delay in processing. 


(Vista Del Sol Location Only)

When ordering from Domino’s you NOW have the following TWO options.

Club member pays using personal funds and requests reimbursement. Submission of the blue Request for Funds for and Business Meals form. Itemized receipt and proof of payment is required. The Business Office CAN NOT reimburse you without this. 

Domino's CANNOT be purchased using a P-Card unless it is for a large event ($800+).

 Orders can be placed during your scheduled appointment time over the phone or online at the ASASU Business Office.

Do not tip on carry out orders (pickup) ‐ If you’re having Domino’s delivered and wish to leave a tip ‐ A tip of .50 cents per pizza is recommended, total tip amounts cannot exceed 10%.

Amounts greater than 10% are the responsibility of the club and will need to be repaid.


1. The Club contacts Anton and places order
2. The Club needs to let Anton know that ASU USG will be paying for it
3. Anton will give the club either an Order Approval or an Invoice
4. The club will then do a payment request on SunDevil Sync and upload the Order Approval or
Invoice to it
5. Once the payment request is approved by an executive, the business office will be in contact
with Anton to let them know how much we are paying for and how much the club was awarded
6. The payment request will go into deferred status on SunDevil Sync
7. The club then needs to finish their order with Anton (designs, details, etc.)
8. Once the order is complete, Anton will email the business office over a final invoice
9. The business office will then process payment using the final invoice

No orders will be started until the business office gives Anton the approval. 

Visit the Tempe Undergraduate Student Government staff on the second floor of the Student Pavilion. 

Student Pavilion (STPV)

400 E Orange Street

Tempe, AZ 85287

Can't make it into the office? Send us a message using the form below.