Welcome to the Arizona State University, Tempe Undergraduate Student Government appropriations funding page!

Appropriations are funds awarded by the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) to assist clubs and organizations on the ASU Tempe campus to create a robust student experience outside of the classroom. These funds come from your student programming fee and are decided by students, for students. The students responsible for this distribution are elected to the USG Tempe Senate and represent each of the academic colleges on the Tempe campus.


Funds are available for future events and activities. Funds will not be awarded for events or expenses that occurred before a budget request was submitted and approved by the Appropriations Committee.


Please make sure you are reading the weekly newsletter sent to the first officer and advisor of your club from the Clubs and Organizations office to keep up to date with deadlines and changes.


NOTE: All Clubs requesting USG Funding are required to have a top 3 officer attend an appropriations training each academic year. Appropriation training sessions will be held online through the Canvas Course link below:

Student Organization funding is broken down into these categories:


General (Club Operations) Funding - Provided at the beginning of each semester to assist student organizations with week-to-week expenses. General funding will be capped at $600 per semester


Event Funding - Provided on a rolling basis throughout the year assist student organizations in creating safe, fun, and enriching events for the student body.

**For General and Event Funding, your student organization must complete your SunDevilSync Profile (see below). There are also Funding Rules and Spending Guidelines you must follow.


Travel Funding – Provided to support students in their academic and professional development by assisting with costs for conferences and competitions.


Exam Reimbursement – Provided to support students in their aspiration to pursuing higher education.


Funding for sports clubs is provided by Sun Devil Sports Clubs, not USG. 



The following must be included on the SunDevilSync profile of any student organization wishing to receive General or Event funding:

  1. Student Organization Name

  2. Profile Photo (Logo or Photo image)

  3. Current description of the organization’s purpose

  4. Membership roster that includes at least three officers and all current members (a minimum of 10 members is required for USG funding)

  5. Upcoming Fall semester meetings (dates/times/locations) that are posted to members

  6. Upcoming events posted in either Newsfeed or through Events function

  7. Memberships that have been approved/declined on a regular basis

  8. A constitution that states that organization membership is open to all ASU students


If you have any questions regarding this profile, you can contact the Office of Student Organizations and Leadership at tempeclubs@asu.edu.


Weekly newsletters are sent out every Wednesday from the Clubs and Orgs office. If you are not getting the newsletter you will need to contact them.

Contact the USGT Senate Appropriations Leadership: