USG Tempe Funding

Welcome to the Arizona State University, Undergraduate Student Government Tempe (USGT) Funding page!

USGT awards funding to student organizations and individual students on the ASU Tempe campus to create a robust student experience outside of the classroom. These funds come from your student programming fee and are decided by students, for students




If you are applying for funding for yourself, please enroll and complete the Appropriations Training course each academic year to be eligible for funding.


If applying for funding for your student organization, please have a top 3 officer enroll and complete the Appropriations Training course each academic year. 


Appropriation training sessions will be held online through the Canvas Course link below:


There is a two-step process to get USGT funding: 

  • One – apply for funding from USGT through SunDevilSync. 

  • Two – submit a request to USGT Business Office or they will reach out to you. Please see the correct directions on the corresponding web pages for each type of funding.

If applying for funding for your student organization, your SunDevilSync Profile must be up-to-date and complete. View here for requirements.


General (Club Operations) Funding - Provided at the beginning of each semester to assist student organizations with week-to-week expenses such as marketing items for tabling, meetings, etc.


Capped at $600 per semester.

Event Funding - Provided on a rolling basis throughout the year to assist student organizations in creating safe, fun, enriching events for the student body.


No “limit” but conditions must be met when requesting certain amounts

Professional Development/Travel Grant – Provided to support students in their academic pursuits and professional development by assisting with costs of conferences, competitions, and professional development.

Capped at $500 per student per year, and $2,000 per conference.

Higher Education Exam Reimbursement – Provided to support students in their aspiration to pursue higher education by assisting with costs of exams such as GRE, LSAT, etc.

Capped at 75% of the exam cost. Processed as Reimbursement only.



Weekly newsletters are sent out every Wednesday from the Clubs and Orgs office to the first officer and advisor of your club. Please make sure you are reading the weekly newsletter as it includes important updates regarding deadlines and changes.


The Student Organization Handbook is an introduction to the many services and resources available to registered student organizations at Arizona State University, as well as policies that impact your organization. Please review the materials provided in this handbook and share this information with the members of your organization.





Contact the USGT Senate Appropriations Leadership: 

Do you have questions about your SunDevilSync Profile or the weekly newsletter?

Contact the Office of Student Organizations and Leadership