Rules and regulations for the USG funding process come from three primary sources, in order:

  1. The University Administration;

  2. The Undergraduate Student Government Bylaws;

  3. The Appropriations & Finance Committees.

In order to receive funding, it's important that you understand the rules pertaining to your organization. 


There are many categories of expenses which the University specifically prohibits USG from funding. These include:

  1. Flowers and live plants 

  2. Expedited shipping, production, or processing fees

  3. Gifts and/or gift certificates 

  4. Donations to charitable organizations and to their events 

  5. Parking fines 

  6. Appropriations for a political campaign (candidates and causes) 

  7. Appropriations for legislative lobbying efforts 

  8. Activities that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation 

  9. Grants, scholarships, cash rewards, tolls or charges, and gift cards 

  10. Office supplies and postage 

  11. Awards, trophies, certificates, and plaques for membership recognition 

  12. Donations for charitable events 

  13. Sports activities covered by the club sports account (Student Recreation Center and Sports Club Association) 

  14. Membership dues (individual and organizational for fraternities, sororities, and other campus organizations) 

  15. Capital goods that do not support the purpose of the organization 

  16. Purchase of or reimbursement for alcoholic beverages 

  17. Expenditures which do not explicitly fall under “AREAS TO BE FUNDED” unless approved by the Undergraduate Student Government executives and advisors 

  18. Expenditures that are not in compliance with all University policies and procedures, including those enacted by University Student Initiatives. 

  19. Meals or food that cost $25 or more, per person

  20. Any expenses related to academic projects students will earn class credit for including presentations or events surrounding a project. (Academic based clubs may still be funded for events but must explain that the event is not for class credit - clubs found being dishonest about this can be suspended from applying for appropriations at the discretion of the Appropriations Committee)

  21. Welcome Events that are considered socials at the discretion of the Appropriations Committees

For a full list, visit


ASU cannot pay for these items, even if they have been approved to be funded by USG. If you have any questions about whether or not a particular expense is prohibited, please contact us.


Affected Groups: All organizations applying for General, Event, or Passport funding.


The following must be included included on the SunDevilSync (formally OrgSync) profile of any organizations wishing to receive General, Event, or Passport funding:

  1. Student Organization Name;

  2. Profile Photo (Logo or Photo image); 

  3. Current description of organization’s purpose;

  4. Membership roster that includes at least three officers and all current members (a minimum of 10 members is required for USG funding);

  5. Upcoming Fall semester meetings (dates/times/locations) that are posted to members;

  6. Upcoming events posted in either Newsfeed or through Events function;

  7. Memberships that have been approved/declined on a regular basis;

  8. A constitution that states that organization membership is open to all ASU students;



You may purchase apparel items from the following vendors:

BC Graphics, Inc.
Contact: Barry Hoffman or Amanda Moffatt
Phone: 480.831.1544
Address: 210 W. Vaughn Street, Tempe, AZ 85283

Anton Sport, Inc. or 
Contact: Sarah Riggins or John Anton 
Phone: 480.731.3144
Address: 905 N. Scottsdale Road, Tempe, AZ 85281

Pinnacle Prints + Embroidery 
Contact: Tim Dwyer or Ashaell Sirrine or Laura Burdett 
Phone: 480.443.08433
Address: 8220 E. Gelding Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85260​

Visit the Tempe Undergraduate Student Government staff on the second floor of the Student Pavilion. 

Student Pavilion (STPV)

400 E Orange Street

Tempe, AZ 85287

Can't make it into the office? Send us a message using the form below.