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  • Reconcile senator job duties and responsibilities with required amount of hours for the position. It is important to us that senators fulfill our bylaws but that we don’t take advantage of the hours that they are paid for or have expectations that limit the kinds of students that can serve.

  • Stronger relationship between USG and the Council of Coalitions: Senators have been assigned to each coalition (including the Sexual Violence Prevention Coalition) that they meet with on a regular basis and give updates at Senate meetings. The senators also help with events that they put on and with appropriations.

  • Getting more of the Student Programming Fee back into the hands of students: Travel funding process has been streamlined to a 30 day deadline and no mandatory meeting due to better internal processes.

  • Making appropriations easier for Clubs and Organizations: committee holds meetings specifically for students to attend, formal appeals go through the Government Operations Committee, and interns have started working on a more comprehensive guide. All senators are trained on appropriations and should be able to help students apply for and spend money.

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