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Welcome to the Arizona State University, Undergraduate Student Government Tempe (USGT) Event Funding page!



The USGT Appropriations Committee awards student organizations on the ASU Tempe campus Event Funding to foster a more engaging environment on campus and provide safe, fun, enriching activities for the student body. Event Funding is provided on a rolling basis throughout the entire year but applications must be submitted well in advance of the event date. This demonstrates that events have been well thought out and planned. If your student organization has not taken the required Appropriations Training or created a SunDevilSync profile, please refer to the USG Funding webpage.


To review what items are typically funded and which are prohibited, please review the Spending Guidelines webpage and Title VI "USGT Funds" of the USG-T Bylaws.


Find additional items funded for events here.



Your event must be open and free to all ASU students to receive funding. See here for tips on Planning Inclusive Events.


Your event must have an event page on SunDevilSync. See here for Application Tips and USG Partnerships.



Fall 2023 Event Funding Budget Request in SunDevilSync

  • Opens:     July 1, 2023

  • Closes:     November 3, 2023

  • All paperwork due: November 9, 2023

Spring 2024 Event Funding Budget Request in SunDevilSync

  • Opens:     December 11, 2023

  • Closes:     March 29, 2024

  • All paperwork due: April 12, 2024

Very Important: How much you are requesting for an event determines how early your student organization must submit a budget request. Requests over $5000 must be approved with a vote by the appropriations committee, and requests over $10,000 must be approved with a vote by the USGT senate. 




Your student organization’s event budget request will be reviewed within four weeks of submission. If further clarification is needed on your budget request, a comment will be left on your budget request and an automatic email will be sent to the budget requestor – the individual who submitted the budget. However, we highly recommend that you also regularly check SunDevilSync to avoid missing a notification. 


The turnaround time is conditional on your student organization being responsive to our questions and requests for clarification.


Funds will be available for use once the Appropriations Committee approves the budget internally. 


Refer to the Spending Guidelines webpage for information on how to spend your awarded funds.


We strongly discourage the use of a P-card to make last-minute purchases. We encourage all students, clubs, organizations, and college councils to submit their requests promptly to the appropriate USGT Senate Committee, allowing for all purchases to be made through the standard purchasing process.



Need help filling out your request? Click here for step-by-step instructions.


Do you have questions about making changes to your approved budget request?

Contact the USGT Appropriations Committee

Amount Requested

Application Due

$4,999.99 and under

$5,000.00 and More

5 Weeks (35 Days) Before Event

6 Weeks (42 Days) Before Event

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