Who are we?

The Appropriations Committee is here to assist with student club and organization funding needs. Please reference the Club Funding tab for further information on all things Appropriations. 


What are some examples of funding?

Under this committee, there are two types of funding cycles student clubs and organizations are able to apply for: General and Event funding. Please reference the funding website for the deadlines of these cycles.


Who are the members?

  • Aaron Goldschmidt - Chair

  • Saam Zadeh- Chair

  • Lydia Grawe

  • Jasmine Perez

Contact Us:


When do we meet?

Meeting times are TBD

What are the Appropriations Committee Rules?

View the committee rules here.



Who are we?

The Finance committee is responsible for serving the undergraduate student body at ASU’s Tempe campus through funding, which directly affects academic and professional development. 

What is our role? 

The role of the Finance committee has extended to reviewing travel applications, which awards funding to students to attend conferences, competitions, and other related events that promote development through learning outside the classroom.

Who are the members?

  • Sophie Chez - Chair (

  • Jake Hohu

  • Andrew Kalthoff

  • Hannah Berryman


When do we meet?

Every other Tuesday 5pm before Senate Meetings.



Who are we?

The Government Operations Committee is responsible for overseeing USG operations in accordance with the governing documents.  

What is our role? 

We provide revisions, guidance, and understanding of the governing documents, including the USG Constitution, USG Bylaws, Elections Code, Senate Rules of Order, and Standing Rules. We are happy to assist in the writing or revision of your organization's governing documents.

Who are the members?

  • Cameron Decker - Chair

  • Marco Huerta

  • Richard Robert Reithal

  • Izaac Mansfield

  • Grace Menna

When do we meet?

Via Zoom at 6:00 PM every other Wednesday on the following dates:

  • 1/13/2021 Wed 6:00 PM

  • 1/27/2021 Wed 6:00 PM

  • 2/10/2021 Wed 6:00 PM

  • 2/24/2021 Wed 6:00 PM

  • 3/10/2021 Wed 6:00 PM

  • 3/24/2021 Wed 6:00 PM

  • 4/07/2021 Wed 6:00 PM


What are the Government Operations Committee Rules? 

View the committee rules here

What are the Government Operations Committee Responsibilities? 

View the committee responsibilities here




Who are we?

The committee on University Affairs coordinates the research and investigation of issues important to the university and reports their findings and recommendations to the USG Tempe Senate through the drafting of appropriate legislation.

What is our role? 

The committee distributes student surveys, facilitates town halls, and conducts tabling events throughout campus each semester.

Who are the members?

  • Konya (Bridget) Saidu - Chair

  • Joshua Pardhe

  • Yamilet Ibanez

  • Sherdes Brown


When do we meet?

Via Zoom at 5:00 PM every other Friday on the following dates:

  • 1/15/2021 Fri 5:00 PM

  • 1/29/2021 Fri 5:00 PM

  • 2/12/2021 Fri 5:00 PM

  • 2/26/2021 Fri 5:00 PM

  • 3/12/2021 Fri 5:00 PM

  • 3/26/2021 Fri 5:00 PM

  • 4/09/2021 Fri 5:00 PM

  • 4/23/2021 Fri 5:00 PM