Travel & Professional Career Funding

Undergraduate students participating in a degree-granting program on the ASU Tempe campus are eligible for assistance from the USGT Finance Committee to help with their professional and academic growth. Examples have been prep courses and upgrades in linked in profiles.


These grants should not be used to cover all expenditures, but rather as an addendum to help offset the overall cost of travel, hotel, conference, and competition fees. The USGT Finance Committee will not provide any advances or consider applications for travel or activities that have already taken place. This funding will be reimbursement only...

If you are accepted and are unable to utilize the funds you have been granted, you must advise the USG finance committee so that the funding can be reallocated to another student or club. Failure to do so may result in ineligibility in the future.

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We do not do reimbursements - purchases can NOT be made before approval

-Go through SunDevilSync and do the application, if approved you will receive further instruction.

IN PERSON TRAVEL due two months before the event (RESTRICTIONS)
- Travel must occur within the Academic Year.

- Travel will not be approved if the event is after April 29th, 2022 and application is received after February 29th, 2022 (two months before).

- Required that purchases are not made until a trip is submitted in the Concur.

A VIRTUAL CONFERENCE FEE due one month before event

- Conferences must occur within the Academic Year.

- Your application will not be approved if the event is after April 29th, 2022 and application is received after March 29, 2022 (one month before).

OTHER EXPENSES due within 10 days of purchase

- Please keep in mind the last days to submit your application above.


Expense must exhibit clear relevance to the student’s academic and/or professional pursuits

Students must apply on an individual basis

Max amount awarded to each student is $500 per academic year

Max amount awarded for one conference is $2,000 regardless of number of applicants

*If awarded purchase/s must be made within two weeks of receiving this award letter and all documentation must be submitted within a month*


Do you have questions about how this grant can support your organization or on the
application criteria?
Contact the USGT Finance Committee


Do you have questions about receiving funding from multiple sources or on the process after
your funding is approved?
Contact the USGT Business Office