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Welcome to the Arizona State University, Undergraduate Student Government Tempe (USGT) Higher Education Exam Funding page!


The USGT is committed to supporting students in their aspiration to pursue higher education. Through USG's Travel & Professional Development Funding, we want to support students by easing the financial barrier in regard to their entry exams.

Each student can be awarded funding for ONE graduate entrance test they take, and only 75% of the cost will be reimbursed


​***These are just commonly taken tests and not the only options.***










  • Students must be enrolled in a degree-granting program at ASU.

    • Undergraduates: Be enrolled in at least 12 credits per semester

  • The purchase must be made by the ASU undergraduate student taking the exam.

    • We require that the students pay for any expenses before applying, not a parent/guardian or similar affiliate, as they would not be able to get properly refunded.


Documentation Needed:

  • Receipts and/or supporting documents must show

    • Last four digits of card number used

    • Student name

    • Exam information

    • Vendor information

    • Proof of payment

    • Proof that exam was taken

    • Date of purchase

Applications must be submitted

within 30 days of purchase AND after 

having taken the exam

Exceptions can be made for exams needed to be scheduled further in advance however, reimbursements processed outside of the 60-day window from purchase are not guaranteed to be reimbursed per ASU’s FIN reimbursement policy. The 60-day window entails the amount of time needed for the business office to process the reimbursement after the initial application gets approved.




Applications are open for the fall 2023 semester.


Applications will be reviewed on the first Friday of every month. 

All applicants will be contacted, via the email listed on their application, to confirm receipt of their application as well as the final status of their application.


Students awarded funding will be sent an email and Acceptance Form that includes the awarded amount



More questions?

Do you have questions about the application guidelines?
Contact the USGT Finance Committee


Finance Chairman: 

Do you have questions about receiving funding from multiple sources or about the process after your funding is approved?
Contact the USGT Business Office:

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