Who are we?

The Appropriations Committee is here to assist with student club and organization funding needs. Please reference the Club Funding tab for further information on all things Appropriations. 


What are some examples of funding?

Under this committee, there are three types of funding cycles student clubs and organizations are able to submit for: General, Event, and Passport funding. Please 

reference the funding website for the deadlines of these cycles.


When do we meet?

Thursday, January 23rd, 2020. Memorial Union Pima Room (230)

Justin Fink

Finance Director

Isabella Shilliday

Appropriations Committee Co-Chair

Kylie Vacala

Appropriations Committee Member

Emily Bradbury

Appropriations Committee Member

Derek Baranski

Appropriations Committee Co-Chair

Matthew DiPrima

Appropriations Committee Member

Maria Mason

Appropriations Committee Member

Ian Samuel

Appropriations Committee Member

Visit the Tempe Undergraduate Student Government staff on the second floor of the Student Pavilion. 

Student Pavilion (STPV)

400 E Orange Street

Tempe, AZ 85287

Can't make it into the office? Send us a message using the form below.